Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist

Among the oldest types of jewelry, charm bracelets were worn by prehistoric men and women to ward off enemies and evil. The first recognizable charm bracelets appeared in ancient Egypt and were worn as protective shields, to ascribe status, and to help the gods guide the wearer and his or her possessions to their proper place in the afterlife. By the 1950s, charm bracelets became more whimsical in nature, evolving into a must-have accessory for girls and women to mark major rites of passage. Sixteenth birthdays, graduations, weddings, travel, and the arrival of children were all recorded on the links of their bracelets. Today, women and girls wear charm bracelets to celebrate their hobbies and passions, from golf to pets.

When a woman gets married, she might be given a charm bracelet to celebrate her future. The initial charm bracelet that has wedding bells or a marriage certificate can later be filled with charms that represent the honeymoon, anniversaries, and children. This bracelet is frequently referred to as her “Lifetime” bracelet, that grows over the years and may one day be passed on to her daughter or granddaughter, continuing the tradition of charm collecting from generation to generation. Shop at 1402 Hancock Street, Quincy Center. Or reach us at 617-773-3636