Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist

It is hardly an accident that the gem-quality variety of the mineral olivine, known as “peridot,” is the birthstone for August. While this gemstone comes in colors ranging from yellowish-green to brown, it is the lime and olive greens that peridot lovers find so appealing. Take a summer walk along a verdant path in the woods by a stream, and you are likely to encounter many similar colors among the leaves and ferns. Peridot in these colors, which are equal mixes of sunshine and chlorophyll, seem almost capable of giving off the scent of a freshly cut lawn. As such, peridot proves to be a favorite among fashion A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S GREEN jewelry designers, who love the gemstone’s ability to “pop” and elicit attention. Peridot’s unique vivid green adds a lively sparkle to any piece of jewelry.

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