A Royal Gemstone for Everyday People

Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist


While there may be more expensive gemstones of regal purple hue, none surpass amethyst’s gorgeous color. This has led many to speculate that if February’s birthstone were not so widely available, it might command prices commensurate with its purple majesty. As it currently stands, however, this plentiful purple gemstone is well within the reach of anyone whose tastes for the finer things in life otherwise exceed the boundaries of his or her wallet or pocketbook. On the other hand, not all amethysts possess the same highly desirable saturated purple color. Deep colors are the most valuable, and whether or not they originate in Siberia, the best quality, darkest amethysts are called “Siberian.” Mediumquality gemstones are referred to as “Uruguayan.” We’re proud of our knowledge and experience in dealing with the beautiful gems of the world, and we’d be happy to share with you all we know about their individual characteristics. We hope you’ll feel comfortable asking us any questions about amethyst or other eye-catching gemstones, their colors and cut, and the precious metals and settings they rest in.

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