A Taste for Chocolate

By: Jeffrey M. Bertman Graduate GemologistIn recent years, diamond lovers have expanded their appreciation of their favorite clear gemstone to include diamonds in brown shades. Foremost among these are the Chocolate Diamonds branded by Le Vian jewelry designers and recently worn by celebrities to red- carpet events. These darkly colored diamonds feature a rich chocolate- syrupy color that make outstanding gold and platinum pieces for both women and men. Those with a taste for brown diamonds may also be drawn to the cognac variety with its warm reddish, golden-brown color; cinnamon (reddish brown); and champagne (light color with a slightly reddish cast). Chocolate diamonds have many admirers among those who favor their unique look and deep color. They are also well-suited to diamond lovers on a budget. If you are thinking about purchasing a diamond of any color, it is clearly in your best interest to enlist the help of someone you can trust to counsel you on the four Cs that determine diamond quality (cut, color, clarity, carat weight). This is exactly what we’ve been doing since 1944. We will never pressure you to purchase an item, and we will work within your budget to find the diamond or gift that is exactly right for you.See our outstanding selection of beautiful offerings at 1402 Hancock Street, Quincy Center. Or reach us at 617-773-3636 or www.rogersjewelry.com


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