Rogers, in house gem lab, features the latest equipment resulting in the most accurate and reliable appraisal of your diamonds and precious gems. Our Graduate Gemologist, trained by the GIA, oversees every appraisal.

With the use of equipment and the knowledge of our Graduate Gemologist® we are able to identify and value almost any gemstone. Complete written appraisals are available. A real appraisal takes some time and effort and anyone doing one with only a quick look is only making a guess at best.

Where can I get an accurate diamond appraisal near me?

Looking for a reputable local jeweler to appraise your antique jewelry, Rogers jewelry, is a good idea and can also determine the fair market value of your purchase by performing an appraisal. We recommend getting an appraisal on any piece of fine jewelry; it’s worth spending a little extra to gain lasting peace of mind.

Whether you are thinking, “Where to get a jewelry appraisal near me?” or you are looking for mail-in services across the country, we can help you! Our master craftsmen and jewelry experts have been working with fine jewelry pieces and their materials for the last three decades.

As your local jeweler since 1960, Rogers wants to advise their customers and friends:

Be wary of outfits at hotels, home parties, or unscrupulous businesses trying to buy your old gold and jewelry at bargain prices.

With gold at the $1600 per ounce level, be sure to demand the right price for your merchandise.
We pay more.
Shop around and then see us.
Wherever you go, insist on full value.
The equipment regularly used in a diamond appraisal consists of:
Diamond Probe
Leveridge Gauge
Digital Scale
Binocular Microscope
10X Loupe
Master Diamonds graded by the GIA
Gem Laboratory
Color Grader
In addition to this we have:
Diamond balance
Heavy Liquids
Polaroid Microcam
Ultraviolet flourescence unit
Chelsea filter
Quartz wedge
Immersion cells
Charts and a reference library
Digital Colorimeter