Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist

One of the more popular recent trends in men’s watch design takes its cue from centuries-old armor. Chain mail is the flexible outerwear worn by knights and sword combatants, which consists of small metal rings linked together in a mesh pattern. Strong, impenetrable chain mail, which protected wearers from sword points and blades, often made the difference between life and death on the battlefield. Today, jewelry designers are putting these interlocking links to work for more peaceful purposes. The woven steel straps are making masculine statements on men’s watches. Simple ‘60s-style watch dials, in particular, work best with the sleek, lightweight metal mesh straps to deliver a subtle dash of flash on the wrist.

Gold and silver chain mail (maille) jewelry has had something of a rebirth in recent years with many designers using this classic technique as a way to add textural interest to metal designs. Aside from its use in the world of fashion and jewelry, chain mail (mesh) can be used for industrial, architectural and scientific applications as well. Shop at 1402 Hancock Street, Quincy Center. Or reach us at 617-773-3636