Colossal Interest in Colored Diamonds

By: Jeffrey M. Bertman Graduate GemologistRecent record prices paid for colored diamonds, which account for only 0.01 percent of all diamonds, provide ample testament to the fact that collectors now fully appreciate the quality and rarity of colored gemstones. One recently sold diamond, known simply as “the Blue,” brought $24.2 million at auction only one day after the Graff Vivid Yellow diamond sold for $16.3 million at auction. The Blue, a pear-shaped gem weighing 13.22 carats, is the largest flawless vivid blue diamond ever sold at auction, while the Graff Vivid Yellow set a record sale price for a yellow diamond. Until the 1970s, colored diamonds were worth less than their colorless counterparts. Since then, people have become more knowledgeable and interested.Most people are familiar with the fact that in white diamonds the absence of color is makes the diamonds so precious. When considering fancy colored diamonds, the existence of color and the intensity of how it shines is exactly what increase the value of the stones. Shop from our large selection of quality gold and brilliant diamond jewelry at at 1402 Hancock Street, Quincy Center or contact us at 617-773-3636. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is anxious to work with your to make sure that you have the best buying experience possible.


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