Declaration of Independence

By: Jeffrey M. Bertman Graduate GemologistApproximately a dozen years ago, women began to come to the realization that they did not have to wait for someone to give them a diamond ring. Instead of relying on men to place a diamond engagement ring on the ring fingers of their left hands, many women decided instead to purchase diamond rings for themselves. Women need no additional reason to do so other than that they want to and can. Diamond “right hand rings” are worn on the ring finger of the right hand to symbolize the strength and independence that define today’s powerful and passionate women. Right hand rings not only directly reflect women’s personal taste and style, they also declare their independence.Diamond Right Hand Rings are a great way for a woman to assert her individuality. They have been worn for years as a fashion symbol. The right-hand diamond ring represents a symbol of your success and should fit your personality. New trends in diamond rings allow you to carefully select your perfect ring. Come into our store located at 1402 Hancock Street, Quincy Center or contact us at 617-773-3636. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is anxious to work with your to make sure that you have the best buying experience possible.


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