GIA Certified Diamonds

Which “C” is the most important? 

Cut, which is more a measure of workmanship than the diamond’s inherent qualities, should take precedence. The fact is that cut greatly influences sparkle and luminosity and can hide flaws. For instance, even a diamond with a nice color will appear lifeless and dull if not cut properly. On the other hand, a diamond with a midrange color rating of K will flash and sparkle when the cut is optimum. Therefore, choose a diamond with a very good cut.

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The 4 C’s are the basic criteria used to judge the beauty and price/value of a diamond. Most often, diamond shoppers look to color and clarity as the two most important factors when choosing a diamond, however the cut of the diamond will influence fire and brilliance much more than the other two C’s.


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The way a diamond is cut, that is, the amount and location of the rough diamond that is removed in the cutting process, has the most direct effect on how the diamond will look.


Graded on a letter scale from D to Z (D being the best), color describes the overall tint of the diamond, from white to yellow.

Carat Weight

Commonly confused with size, carat refers to the weight of the diamond when measured on a scale. A diamond that weighs more is not necessarily bigger than a diamond that weighs less.


Graded on a scale from FL (Flawless) to I3 (Many Visible Inclusions), clarity describes the amount and location of “inclusions” in the diamond.



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