Rogers features a constantly changing assortment of Estate and preowned jewelry and other items.
This category makes unusual treasures available at very attractive pricing to the public. Included at any time may be watches or gems from the 1800’s along with items as recent as the 1990’s.
We are always in the market to offer cash for items that add to our assortment. If you have items to sell please contact us at any time.

While many pieces of estate and heirloom jewelry have a great deal of character and carry much emotional appeal, they may be so outdated that they do not lend themselves to regular wear. If so, we can restyle the piece to better suit the wearer’s tastes. After all, no matter how attached people may be to a piece of their mother’s or father’s jewelry, they are not going to wear it if it does not appeal to them aesthetically. However, if they were to take the diamond from their mother’s ring, for example, and reset it in a pendant, they may appreciate it and wear it more often. Resetting heirloom gemstones is an art in itself.

When contemplating the best approach for you and your heirloom pieces, consider precious stone replacement, gemstone wrong repair, clasp repair, a complete redesign,or cleaning and polishing as some of your options.