Fit for a Queen

Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist

Lovers of topaz, November’s traditional birthstone, often focus their attention on the rarest variety of their favorite gemstone. “Imperial Topaz,” named in honor of the Russian monarchy that was so enamored of its color, comes in pale peach, pink, orange, or champagne hues. Primarily mined in the Ouro Prêto mines of Menias Gerais, Brazil, this very rare collector’s gem has also been found in Russia’s Ural Mountains. The Ouro Prêto mines are renowned for their orange to pinkish-purple topaz that is no longer confused with the more common citrine found nearby. fit for a queen Highly prized pink topaz looks its best when mounted in white gold or platinum rings, pendants, or pins, which are as unique as they are beautiful and valuable. Topaz has a uniquely radiant color that helps make it a striking choice for jewelry.

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