Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist


Even women who are drawn to a more muted look in their necklaces and earrings are showing no signs of being bashful when it comes to wearing eye-catching bracelets. The current trend calls for wearing bold cuffs that envelop the wrist with bands of gold or silver. Retro designs that recall the 1970s are also quite popular, with mixtures of beads, brushed metal, and colorful bangles. When stacking bracelets, it’s popular to mix metals as much as styles and sizes to achieve an eclectic, bohemian mix on the wrists. In fact, wrists that dangle amber, citrine, golden beryl, and Malaya garnet gemstones embedded in gold and silver get the most attention. The bolder, the better! Dare to be bold and showcase a brilliant wrist of bracelets. This accessory will make a statement, so be prepared for the compliments coming your way.

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