Jumping Off The Band Wagon

By: Jeffrey M. Bertman Graduate GemologistFor the most part, the selection of a wedding band should be a simple matter. As the name suggests, it is largely a question of choosing one’s favorite precious metal and expressing it in the shape of a band. On the other hand, some brides-to-be have other ideas, the most dramatically lavish of which is the kaleidoscopic wedding band. This new take on wedding bands features interlaced cabochon settings with any number of colored gemstones arrayed in both natural and geometric patterns. Along with traditional white diamonds, these bands of gold or platinum are layered with yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, rubies, garnets, emeralds, and other fine colored gemstones. They are, in essence, gemological firework displays that celebrate marriage.Extraordinary kaleidoscopic wedding bands are becoming increasingly more popular. We have a knowledgeable and professional staff that will work with you to choose the best wedding bands, with consideration to her style, the size of her finger, the size of your setting, and your budget.See our outstanding selection of beautiful offerings at 1402 Hancock Street, Quincy Center. Or reach us at 617-773-3636 or www.rogersjewelry.com


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