Quincy College and Quincy College Trust to honor Mark Bertman of Quincy at October 26th Quintessential Event

Longtime Quincy Advocate, Businessman, and leader Mark Bertman to be presented with the  Quincy College Trust’s  2017 Quintessential Award

Quincy, MA (9/22/2017):  The  Quincy College Trust , a non-profit  foundation established to receive charitable donations, scholarship, and endowment funds in support of Quincy College and its mission to provide an affordable and accessible post-secondary education to its students will present the   2017 Quintessential Award   to Quincy native, Mark Bertman. The Quincy College Trust presents Mr. Mark Bertman with the 2017 Quintessential Award on October 26, 2017, at The Tirrell Room, 245 Quarry St., Quincy, MA.  The Award is presented to an individual who is Quintessential which by Quincy College definition is an individual who embodies or possesses the essence of something.Mr. Bertman is a past member of the Quincy College Board of Governors, the first President of the Quincy College Trust and the proprietor of Rogers Jewelers in Quincy Center.“Mark is Quintessential Quincy; he has spent years advocating for the City of Quincy, Quincy College and most importantly, its students. He is a man who embodies what it means to support others as they strive to improve their lives through education. It is with great pleasure that the Quincy College Trust presents Mark Bertman with the 2017 Quintessential Award as we recognize his many contributions to our community,” Tina Cahill, Director of Institutional Advancement at Quincy College.For more information on the Quintessential Event, available sponsorship opportunities, or to purchase tickets, visit:  https://quincycollege.edu/quincy-college-trust/#quintessential-award . or  contact  Tina Cahill at  Tcahill@quincycollege.edu or  617-405-5942.Press Release


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