Siberian Amethyst

By: Jeffrey M. Bertman Graduate GemologistUsually when a geographical location precedes a gemstone’s name (such as Colombian emerald or Burmese ruby), it suggests that the gemstone is the best of its kind and that the designation is accurate. In the case of the Siberian amethyst, it is true that this is the best quality amethyst to be found, but it does not necessarily come from Siberia. This should be of some interest to those born in February, the month for which amethyst is the birthstone. Siberian amethyst, regardless of its origin, has a very deep purple color, which can range from a reddish purple to a dark purple. Because Siberian amethysts are the highest grade available and are exceedingly rare, they command the highest prices.Amethysts can appear to change color dependent on the lighting conditions. Amethysts will appear to be a more bluish to purple color when viewed under daylight and may appear to have more flashes of red when seen under bright lighting. As the birthstone for February, there are many ways to set this beautiful stone. Come into our store located at 1402 Hancock Street, Quincy Center. Or reach us at 617-773-3636


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