Style That Grabs You by the Throat

Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist

There’s nothing subtle about the latest trend in necklace wear. Evoking some of the boldness of the oversized 90s, architectural chokers are returning to popularity in a big way, and we do mean big! The modern themes projected by the latest generation of architectural chokers are manifested in metal pieces of various shapes and sizes, from metal chains to hard-core metal cuffs. Big, bold, chunky pieces ring the neck and balance on the collarbone to proclaim serious style. These are hardly pieces for the fainthearted. They demand attention, much in the way that serious art does. There is no mistaking their presence. These newly updated chokers are very sophisticated and very much in demand. The 90’s feel and look of chokers is making a huge comeback with the modern feel of architectural themed chokers. This trend will have you racing to your jewelry box to see if you kept the chokers you collected when you were a child.

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