The Brilliant Trilliant

By: Jeffrey M. Bertman Graduate GemologistIn the world of high-end fancy-cut diamonds, trilliant-cut diamonds hold a special place. These unique triangular diamonds feature three equal sides and usually contain fifty facets. While round and oval cuts are often chosen for engagement rings and other mostly conservative pieces of diamond jewelry, trilliant-cut diamonds are most often reserved for upscale earrings, bracelets, and rings. Trilliant-cut diamonds can also be used as focal stones. While the actual shape and dimension of trilliant-cut diamonds is largely a matter of personal preference, it is recommended that their depth be in the 32-44 percent range. This is an important consideration since the depth of a trilliant diamond largely dictates the brilliance of the gemstone. These diamonds turn heads!The trillion cut is not for the person looking for that traditional ring, but for that person that likes to take chances and go on adventures. The trillion shape is a dazzling cut, catching the light and giving off a sparkle and fire.See our outstanding selection of beautiful offerings at 1402 Hancock Street, Quincy Center. Or reach us at 617-773-3636 or


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