Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist

If a man wants to surprise the woman in his life with a piece of jewelry, bracelets are the perfect gift. Purchasing earrings requires a selection that complements earlobe shape and size, rings must be properly sized, and necklaces must be selected with a woman’s preference in clothes and collar lines in mind. By comparison, choosing a bracelet is a relatively easy decision. A bracelet should fit the wrist neither too tightly nor so loosely that it slips down over the hand. To address women’s concern that it will catch on their clothing, prongset bracelets should be selected with an eye toward quality and finish. The best of these are beaded over so that they do not hook sleeve fabric. Delight and dazzle someone special with a gorgeous gift of jewelry. Sure to transform any ordinary outfit into an outstanding sensation, the gift of a bracelet is the perfect way to let her know you care.

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