Your Signature Style

Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist

Signet rings may no longer be widely used to validate legal documents with their owners’ proprietary stamp, but they are still highly representative of the wearer’s individual style. The ancient Romans’ signet rings were essential pieces of engraved or intaglio jewelry that served as seals and were also quite decorative. Today, they serve, in effect, as one’s signature. When the flat shield affixed to the shank of the ring is decorated with the owner’s initial(s) or family crest, it serves as a personal identifier. Not only have signet rings never gone out of style, but they have again become quite popular, gracing the pinky fingers of men and women alike. Signet rings say something special about those who wear them. Signet Rings help celebrate life’s great moments, whether it be holidays, births, anniversaries, graduations, or even just a gift to yourself. Be a king or queen with your own signet ring.

The trillion cut is not for the person looking for that traditional ring, but for that person that likes to take chances and go on adventures. The trillion shape is a dazzling cut, catching the light and giving off a sparkle and fire.

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