An Engraved Invitation

Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist

If a diamond is “forever,” engraved jewelry can leave an impression that is likely to last just as long. There can be little doubt engraved jewelry is cherished by all those who receive it. This form of personalized jewelry has been prized at least since the creation of engraved French lockets in the 14th century. Then, as now, who can resist carefully worded sentiments engraved in precious metal? With this in mind, engraving need not be limited solely to engagement rings and wedding bands; it can also be used to denote important names, dates, and thoughts on bracelets, lockets, and charms. Engraving elevates jewelry to heirloom status that practically ensures its constant wear. With the right inscription, any one of our pieces of engraved jewelry immediately becomes a beloved and personalized present.

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