Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist

Essentially, the highly proficient watch known as a “chronograph” occupies the same place on wearers’ wrists that sport utility vehicles inhabit in many garages. That is, although they may not often be called upon to carry out the stop-watch function at which they are adept, they certainly stand at the ready to perform. And, they look mighty attractive doing it. A chronograph’s three dials measure the seconds, minutes, and hours from the instant that the “start” button is pushed, while the crown sets the time and date. Once designed solely for men, chronographs are currently all the rage with women who like to make it known that they could decide to do so.

This type of watch became popular with scientists, sportsmen and members of the military. By the 20th century it became a staple of racecar drivers and astronauts. Wearing a multi functional chronograph watch does not mean you must compromise on style. Shop from our large selection of watches, quality gold and brilliant diamond jewelry.