Ready For Some Pointers

Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist


While most consumers think of diamonds in terms of carat (0.2 grams) weight, each carat is broken down into “points” (with 100 points being equal to one carat). With this in mind, small diamonds called “pointers” help those on limited budgets own diamond jewelry. For instance, a 0.15 carat diamond would be referred to as a “15 pointer.” Some designers incorporate these smaller diamonds into classic pieces such as crosses, snowflakes, hearts, and bar pendants; others are creating pointer jewelry for the more adventurous at heart, including glittering belly-button rings. The point is that diamond jewelry is well within the reach of anyone who wants it. Educated consumers know what to look for. To find the best diamond that fits within your budget it basically comes down to a compromise between the 4Cs and which factors are most important to you. You may choose a larger lower color diamond or prefer a smaller high color, cut and clarity diamond.

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