The Burning-Sunset Gemstone

Jeffrey M. Bertman
Graduate Gemologist


A few decades ago, East African miners in search of the purplish-pink garnet known as rhodolite instead happened upon a strange reddish-orange garnet that was mixed in with pink garnet. Seeing as there was no immediate market for the gemstone, the miners dismissed it and nicknamed it “Malaya,” which means “outcast.” In time, however, this beautiful gemstone could not help but be noticed by German and American buyers. After that, “Malaya garnet” developed a passionate following, and prices began to soar. Gemologists recognized it as a new breed of garnet: part grossular, pyrope, almandine, and spessartite, which led some to label it pyralspite. Whatever name it goes by, there is no doubting the burning red-orange intensity of this remarkable find. From garnets of unusual color to diamonds of pure colorless brilliance, if you appreciate the beauty of fine gemstones of all kinds, housed in elegant settings of precious metals, we know you’ll be delighted with what you in our beautiful displays. And if nothing in our collection catches your eye and you have something special in mind, describe it to us or bring us a sketch.

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